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Meet Toni Yost

“I am an avid reader and serial joiner of book clubs.  I’m always down to share book recommendations!”


Like many others, I first came to yoga in the comfort of my living room. In my early 20’s, along with Pilates and Zumba DVD’s, I would follow along with Yoga videos as a purely physical exercise. It became clear very quickly, however, that yoga positively affected not only my physical well-being, but also my mental and emotional health. As I continued to practice adn explore yoga with different instructors and studios, I began to find that the strength, mobility, and stability I was building through the physical postures was only the tip of the iceberg. The compassion I was learning to show myself on the mat was affecting not only how I treated myself off the mat, but how I was treating my loved ones and how I was interacting with with my community.  Being able to meet myself every time I practice with the friendship, good humor, and curiosity I would show a good friend is always my goal.  I decided to pursue my teacher training after a decade of practice, and I am passionate about helping guide people of all walks of life and experience levels back home to their bodies and their breath.


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