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Meet Charina Walker

“I’m a Harry Potter obsessed travel junkie that loves doing anything creative!”

Truth be told, when I went to my first yoga class a couple years ago, I was severely apprehensive. My mom drug me kicking and screaming. You see, I didn’t fit the mold that I had in my head of a “yogi”. I was out of shape, couldn’t relax to save my life, was always in my head, and I didn’t want to be judged. Then, I stepped into my first class and my world got turned upside down. I quickly found a group of people that were kind, encouraging, and accepting. No one cared that I couldn’t pretzel into an unnatural shape like the teacher was able. I was taught to change focus from the chaos in my head to my breath. For the first time, I was able to tune in to my body and quiet everything else. It was life changing! I’ve never looked back. My only hope is that I can bring that acceptance, encouragement, peace, and personal challenge to you all in my classes

When I’m not on the mat you’ll find me traveling the world, playing with my fur baby or creating – be it art, photography, sewing, etc – I love to add to and capture the beauty of this crazy planet.

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