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Meet Brendon Orr

“I regularly practice yoga, especially Ashtanga yoga, because it gives me an opportunity to face every aspect of myself on a regular basis. Breath after breath, pose after pose, I face my soul, my thoughts, my doubts, my demons, my failures, my successes, my hopes, and my aspirations.”


Brendon came to yoga awkwardly grunting his way through group classes while also struggling to get in touch with his inner world.  He now sees yoga as a critically important tool in harnessing one’s potential as a human being. After personally experiencing the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice and witnessing his own growth, he chose to take the next step down the rabbit hole and become an instructor.

Brendon received his 200+ hour certification in 2014 and has also attended classes and workshops at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado and Yoga Journal Conferences in Estes Park, Colorado. He is happy to have had the opportunity to learn from Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. In his own classes, Brendon strives to create a comfortable space in his classes that is conducive to shutting off auto-pilot consciousness and exploring that illusive inner world with care and focus. He takes his inspirations from a regular personal Ashtanga practice on the mat and his own life experiences when off of the mat. With an emphasis on the practical application of asana and pranayama techniques, he endeavors to help individuals discover and cultivate their own potential, explore their true Selves, and be their own guides so that they can lead more awake, balanced, and healthy lives.

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