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Meet Anita Whittle

“I am a sports fan, I can talk College Football and Basketball, NFL, NBA (sometimes) and NHL (this year). One of my favorite radio stations in ESPN.”


In my early 50’s, the arthritis in my feet was so painful that walking around the lake with my two dogs was no longer enjoyable. A friend suggested I try a yoga class and I fell in love. It was unbelievable how much relief I felt not only in my feet, but everywhere else. The release of tension, stress and how much better my body felt had me hooked. I am a retired Registered Nurse, but once a nurse always a nurse. I love incorporating anatomy into my classes.

In Yoga we are awakening our ability to feel what’s happening in our mind, body and heart. I have learned that everything is inter connected and that is how we should practice yoga. Yoga is not about just touching your toes, doing crazy poses or reaching the sky. It’s about moving, breathing and feeling better. It’s about empowering ourselves to live a healthier and happier life.

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