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Meet Bruce Burris

“National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks and multi-state trails are my favorite places to hike.”


From Bruce: I studied Eastern philosophy while working in a commune in Northern California. Those experiences made me curious about other ways of thinking and relating to the world. My yoga adventure began when I attended a yoga class at Cal State Long Beach. It was invigorating, mesmerizing and made me feel things I had never felt before. When that class ended, I felt fantastic, calm and serene, yet energized. It was like I was walking two feet above the ground!

As my yoga practice deepened, I discovered that yoga was a fun and gentle way to help our bodies become more flexible, stronger, have more endurance and range of motion and better overall tone, while providing lots of other amazing mental and physical benefits.

Internally, yoga provides clarity. A means to explore the beautiful universe within, a way to connect with our true self and manifest our potential. When your mind, body and spirit are united, it’s like you are on a different plane. It’s powerful and so uplifting and joyful. My goal, as a yoga teacher, is to help my students find that and be able to carry that high vibration with them throughout their day.

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