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Meet Amy Bidrman

“There is a fresh water treatment facility outside of Jacmel, Haiti with my name on it.”


Amy relocated to Lincoln in September 2016 after 20 years living in Calgary Alberta Canada.  She is an independent childbirth educator, yoga teacher (specializing in pre and postnatal) and teacher trainer.


Amy started practicing yoga in 1999 after her second child was born. Asana practice embodied so many of the thoughts and feelings that early parenthood brings, and Amy found it incredibly reassuring.  She took her formal training in Akhanda yoga with Yogrishi Vishvketu in 2005 which helped to weave her practice and her life even more completely together.  The qualities that the first two limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas offer, guide Amy’s teaching: non-harming, truthfulness, purity, non-grasping, contentment, learning through self-experience and a devotion to the divine in all beings.


Amy teaches at several studios in Lincoln.  Her classes are subtly challenging, inquiry based and alignment oriented.

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